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Welcome to the website of the music group Strawhead.

Strawhead: Gregg Butler, Malc Gibbons and Chris Pollington, for a good many years performed 'Popular Music of the Olden Time', and enjoy a loyal following around the world..

LATEST NEWS FOR 2014! - Strawhead as a 'last blast' will soon issue a compilation of all their commercial albums called


It will consist of an audio DVD called 'Popular Music of the Olden Time' containing over 300 mp3 files for your iPod, iPad, Tablet or computer, and an audio CD called 'Popular Music of the Modern Time' which will be mostly the Argent album and some other 20th century tracks the lads recorded.

As well as the music tracks there will be full images of the LP and CD covers and it will be accompanied by a CD sized book compiled as a Scrapbook History of the band which will be sandwiched between the two discs in a CD sized package.

All tracks have been digitally remastered for the formats and we are pleased to announce that this release includes the five albums recorded for Tradition Records in the 1970's and 80's and out of the catalogue for a long time. Strawhead completists will, we are sure, welcome this news. Thanks to Fellside Records for allowing us to do this. Also thanks to Dragon Records for the albums released in the 1980's and Cock Robin Music for the more recent material.

All in all a monumental and definitive release you should not miss - Target release date October 2014 - 40 years after the band formed - tell anyone you know about this important update to the website......

Please see about changes to our CD catalogue on the Album Sales page.

Strawhead no longer  perform live having retired from the folk music concert scene .

The Strawhead sound was indelibly the combination of Gregg's vocals and instruments, Malc's vocal and guitar and Chris's keyboards, If you experienced it live, we hope you'll cherish that experience, and relive it through the recorded legacy which lives on.  So though you might not be able to see us, you can certainly carry on listening!  And do have an occasional glance at the website for any recording updates.

Strawhead had a great ride over all the years:  learnt a lot, experienced a lot, and had a huge amount of fun which was all  down to all of you out there – those that booked us, those that came to see us, those that bought the LP records, the cassettes and then the CDs.   Thanks for your support and all the memories .

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